Car Interior Upgrades For Resale Value

Elegant car interior upgrades
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After they have been impressed by the outside look of the car buyers should find a corresponding car interior. That is why car interior upgrades and restoration are critical in the value improvement process of any of your flipping projects.

Manage Perceptions with Basic Cleanliness

At times just basic cleaning can make a huge difference in the presentation of your car. With a clean interior you can shed off the years in your car. It’s important to remember that perception is a big factor in sales and marketing in general. General cleanliness can create a perception of a level of newness or that of a well looked after vehicle.

A clean car with the sweet fragrance is one that’s really prepared for resale. It would be most ideal under normal circumstances to seek professionals to do a thorough cleaning job for you.

As indicated in the last post the same people who do the minor auto body repairs will usually have a professional car cleaning division. It may be wise to try and do all these through the same service provider for all of your projects to manage and negotiate favourable rates across their entire service spectrum.

Cool car interior accessories

To stand out from the rest of the competition you will need to go for bold custom accessories. Which auto interior accessories accessories you choose to use in the car will generally depend on the target market and the market price of the car.

As previously stated in the last blog post as an entrepreneur your ultimate goal is to sell the car fast and at a profit. If you do upgrades that will put your car way beyond the market price range, not only will you struggle selling the car but are highly unlikely to make any meaningful money if any even when you eventually sell.

The accessories you choose to put in the car should not just be commensurate with your target market but with the target selling price also. Hence every addition or upgrade or should be carefully and strategically chosen.

It doesn’t help to try and put genuine leather seat covers and high end custom floor mats for a car intended for a low to middle income market. While many of them may view your car for the sheer beauty they are however unlikely to buy it if it’s way out of their price reach. The good thing is that the market is awashed with all these sleek accessories for you to choose from.

The ones that generally won’t take time and require no special skills to install as stated earlier are:

  • Floor mats
  •  Seat covers
  • Car seat cushions/mats
  • Head and neck cushions
  • Headrest monitors
  • Interior panels and cockpit trims

Attend to wear and tear

Over time most high traffic spots in the car will inevitably wear and tear. It’s therefore critical that you attend to them if you want to capture the attention of buyers.

It’s up to your cost benefit analysis outcomes to know whether to replace or repair those worn or torn parts. Not all of those Interior spots can easily be repaired. Some will need to be replaced and vice versa. It is important to always guard on being overtaken and overwhelmed by the waves of your own passion to change the look of the car at the expense of profit. It’s not a passion game; hence all proposed changes should make money sense. The focus should be on the market value always.

The basic rule about market value focus should always be; whether the cost can be passed on to the buyer and would they be willing to pay for it? Any cost that cannot pass this test in the car flipping business is just not worth incurring.

Car Audio Video Accessories: Entertainment Dynamics

If you can install or upgrade the audio visual entertainment experience of your car and it still makes financial sense then go for it. These items are usually very expensive; hence the need to be measured in using them to add value to your car.

My own approach the would be to avoid installing any such before you have secured a customer. Like how the car dealers do you can put it as  add-ons that buyers have an option to go for. This is especially so if it can be done within a reasonable timeframe (avoid installations that will take days to do).

From time to time you will find people that love high end and tailor made stuff who’ll be willing to pay a little extra for those sleek installations. If done well such installations can be a good source of further referrals. A seemingly simple car revamp exercise can open up flood gates of a ‘custom auto flipping business’. Hence when you’ve chosen to go that route be diligent with it and deliver true value for your customers.

Car Interior Upgrades With a Safety Features

There’re a couple of unique stand-out features you can include in the key car interior installations. These will include among others:

  • The parking assistance features
  •  Easy but unique car ignition features
  •  Baby monitoring features
  •  Tyre pressure monitoring features
  •  Car tracking features
  •  Navigation features


Indeed there’re many car interior upgrades to consider and include in the quest to improve the resal value of the car from the interior. What is vitally important though is not just the special installations to make one’s car stand out. Rather it is the need to balance between increasing intrinsic value versus the market value.

Both sets of value increasing strategies are critical but the intrinsic value should lead to a higher market value. Hence there’s need to always view  the two sets of  values in a complementary approach to avoid the unnecessary discords between the two. Every time you synchronise their function you are bound to rip positively and the opposite is true also.

A special attention on following will without a doubt increase both the intrinsic and market value:

  •  car interior upholstery;
  • the floor appearance,
  • Cockpit appearance;
  • The safety features
  • Entertainment features
  • General cleanliness and
  • The wear and tear

May I know what you personally think are the important yet easy to implement interior upgrades when you trying to increase your car resale value. Please share those through your comments below.

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