The Automotive World: A Multitrilion Dollar Industry

The Automotive World

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They have many identities from society to society; but at least all different societies know it as a car. We may use different languages to identify them but fundamentally we are talking about cars; the backbone of the automotive world.

The automotive industry is one of the biggest in the world; the industry is big in many fronts; from production to sales revenues. It is probably one of the biggest economies if we could identify it that way. Just in the year 2019 only the global production of vehicles stood at a towering ninety two million (92 million). This was a decrease from ninety seven million units (97 million) in both 2018 and 2017 according to Statista.

The industry is composed of many other subsections of it that can qualify as independent industries on their own. I will endeavour to identify some of those said sub industries though the list is far from exhaustive:
There are several categories we find in this gigantic industry:

  •  Vehicle sales (cars and other forms of vehicles)
  •  After sale service and care
  • After market auto spares
  • Trucking and logistics
  • Automotive wheel & tyre industry

Each of these few identified subsections of the industry are also massive in their own right; from production to sales revenues. It is indeed a towering giant of our very lifestyles and existence as we live today. Our most basic needs all have strong connections with this industry. It is indeed a world of its kind.

The downstream and supply chain of this automotive world is a massive one also. This industry is interwoven with nearly the entire spectrum of industries from manufacturing to service and every other industry in between.
There giant companies established solely for the supply of the industry like Bosch. There are many other significant players that occupy that space. They all are critical supply nerves of this mega industry. Their own production and sales figures run into several billions of dollars. Yet despite all this importance and wealth they hold, they all would not even exist without this vehicle industry.

The Down Stream Economies

The primary manufacturing of vehicles and several their other components is largely within the mechanical engineering framework. They have several other components and parts that branch into various other engineering disciplines and other non engineering fields.
On this publication we will focus on the automotive accessories which has become a huge industry on its own.

Automotive Accessories

Most basic vehicles have basic functional installations. They can move passengers and goods from one point to another with sound mechanical dynamics. Over the years most manufacturers have made these cars comfortable spaces for many who spend hours on end in them. In turn the automotive accessories industry has grown significantly.

The accessories have infact become deeply and intricately carved into the basic frameworks of vehicles. This has been such that they are now recognised as part of that basic framework. It has become unacceptable to many users to use basic vehicles. Today’s buyers just don’t look at the type and brand of vehicles but at the detailed accessories specifications.

Some of the accessories are now part of the safety framework of the vehicles. A great deal of them however are still about comfort and aesthetics. They have become very critical and center of the sales revenue drivers. Vehicles without them struggle to make significant inroads into this fiercely competitive market. The accessories market has even reached over even to the  supposed basic utility vehicles.

Automotive World Evolution Difference

Vehicles have for sure evolved over years from the first car by Carl Benz in 1886 through to the ford Model T  released in the year 1908 to the 2020 model vehicles. The outlook of the first 1886 Benz is no where near in resemblance to the current models of the Mercedes-Benz. The evolution has not even come to the end yet. I believe we are yet to see some  of the game changing introductions in automotive sub-sector that we can’t even phantom.

Here at Auto Parts Shelf we do have some of those automotive accessories that will make drivers and passengers enjoy the experience of being in a vehicle. The great thing about modern vehicles is that they are designed with ‘ extra capacity’  in mind. Hence bringing some of these high tech phenomenal accessories does not in most cases temper with the core systems of the vehicles. Most accessories can easily be installed by most of the local and common auto technician. It won’t be necessary to take it to the usually exorbitantly expensive dealerships.

As mentioned earlier; most modern vehicles have capacity for extras and accessories. As car sales people sell the vehicles on the showroom floors it’s not very uncommon to hear them mention more than one price point on a vehicle, based on the level of accessories installations. Accessories become part of their up-selling  packages. Many of these vehicles come with an inherent capacity for these extra accessories even though they may not be installed at the time.

Accessories can revolutionarise the entire driving experience or the general passenger experience. A good example is the GPS and parking assist installations. These can significantly reduce the times of moving from on place to the other and the time wasted in squeezed parkings and the minor accidents that come with it.


Change Your Driving Experience

Multi media installations can also significantly reduce the boredom, frustrations and fatigue that come with long drives with family. some of these installations can significantly improve communication even when one is out of home or office as they easily connect with most these things remotely. Lately there are some accessories that can easily and seamlessly connect the vehicle and some of the home appliances and security apparatus.

Watching some of the RVs accessories and installations makes wonder what else cannot be done through the automotive accessories. They bring unmatched joy and experience beyond one’s imaginations. Our store at Auto Parts Shelf is just positioned to give those parts that will indeed change your ‘on the road’ experience.

Insurance and Legal Dynamics

It should however be noted that there are some of the installations and that will significantly alter the performance and function of the vehicle. It is always best to ensure whatever installation you are doing is compliant with both your insurance and the government regulations.
Should you not do so in the event of any unfortunate incident you may find yourself having to deal with a number of legalities some of which border on crime and will inevitably send you behind bars.

It is vital therefore to know what is permissable or the implications beyond your own aesthetics whenever you choose to install some of these great accessories.

Some these accessories can be pretty pricey and will inevitably alter the value of your vehicle without a doubt. It therefore would be wise to have your insurance provider aware so that they in turn may consequently do the requisite alterations before any incident occurs.


Having said all this may I please encourage you to visit our store and get all the suitable automotive accessories for your vehicle regardless of its function; from passenger to heavy utility vehicles your first port of call is the Auto Parts Shelf shop.

If we don’t have on display you are free to contact us and we will be more than happy to source and get it delivered to your door step at the most competitive prices in the market. Enjoy your shopping as you explore this part of the automotive world.

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