Best shock absorber brands For Car Enthusiasts

Car shock absorber brands

Best shock absorber brands for car enthusiasts

Car flipping business as we have established in the past centers on understanding the focus areas for improvement in the car to get that quick high resale value. You can spend a fortune on non-strategic areas of the car and still be unable to move an inch of its market value. Get the best shock absorber brands for car enthusiasts in your next flip to unlock another unique niche.

In this publication, I want to focus on the area that can be viewed as both outlook and mechanical. The wheels and suspension area has a fundamental mechanical function and yet its outlook can be used as an attraction for point to some car enthusiasts.

Car enthusiasts generally don’t want to drive ordinary-looking or sounding cars. In future posts, we should be able to look at some of the critical car tuning areas to attract that section of buyers.

Most car enthusiasts are also collectors and are very specific and particular on car models, looks, and sounds. While some may already be car entrepreneurs in their own right some of them prefer to buy cars that have been done already.

The wheel and suspension area of the car may look ordinary and straightforward for many but it is not for car enthusiasts. What exactly are the things to look at in the area that can help you attract that motivated section of buyers. Here are a few areas I think will help in getting their attention:

  • The shocks
  • Brake discs
  • The brake pads
  • Rims

Specific Brands To Target

Many car enthusiasts are brand aware and sensitive. Hence if there are is a need for any car selling entrepreneur to know where to factor in the popular brand car parts. There are some areas of the car like I said earlier that will not matter if you put a branded auto part or not. In the same breath, some areas will create a gulf between you and the rest of your competitors if you just applied an intelligent brand strategy.

The Shocks

Shocks can be pricey and the cost can punitive for many buyers. Equally so for the entrepreneur, the cost of them can dig deep into your bottom line. It, therefore, becomes critical how you apply the brand strategy on the installation of new shocks.

Having said that though; for the buyer to know that for a considerable period they won’t have to worry about a potentially crippling expense can be very assuring. A well-thought-out strategy becomes key in unlocking a profitable sale. If implemented and communicated effectively the strategy can bring a win-win situation for both the buyer and the entrepreneur.

Do this for the right car

It’s important to note the importance of mastering the psychology of car enthusiasts. They are not your typical everyday car buyer. They usually have an above-average understanding of a range of car brands and models. Their knowledge about those cars maybe even above that of budding car entrepreneurs.

This category of buyers doesn’t just buy any brand and model of a vehicle. They are brand aware and are only interested in the brands they are enthusiastic about. It, therefore, implies that they are not going to be attracted to brand shocks on any car. A deliberate and thorough study of the kind of vehicles that interest them the most is paramount.

You may not specialize in their (car enthusiasts) specific niche, but you should be in the know if you at any given moment lay your hands on brands and models of their interest. Like I mentioned earlier that many of them are car collectors hence they are very motivated buyers. When you have had a rare opportunity to land your hand on some of the stuff they may be searching for it is important that you understand what to with it.

Here’s a quick list of some of the vehicles of interest to car enthusiasts:

  • Ford Focus/Fiesta ST
  • VW Golf GTI
  • Subaru WRX
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Ford Mustang GT
  • Lexus IS 300 (2001-2015)
  • BMW Z3/Z4
  • Audi A3/S3/A4/S4
  • Ford Ranger
  • Toyota Hilux Legend

For many of them, wheels and suspension are a tickle and touchpoint. They find value and draw a great utility from cars with funky, loud, and great-looking wheels and suspension. I can’t overemphasize therefore the importance of knowing what brands of shocks to run with for each of the above-listed brands and models.

Use the Best shock absorber brands

Best Shock absorber brands

Below is a list of brands to consider for each of them:

  • KONI
  • KYB

Your sales brief on all appropriate marketing platforms should ideally mention these details as well. The media (pictures or videos) you choose to use should also not miss this critical display. Auto enthusiasts are very on these aspects of the car. Just a mention that you’ve installed a brand new set of the above-listed shock absorbers could significantly increase your potential of sealing your car sale deal by


The car flipping business needs an entrepreneur who understands both the car dynamics and the market thereof. Wheels and suspension are part of those critical elements that quickly increase the value of a car if strategically attended to. Note the use of the word ‘strategic’ in the preceding sentence. As an entrepreneur, you have to be highly measured and calculative in putting your attention on the best shock absorber brands

There’s a niche market of car enthusiasts that you should tailor to some of your improvements to. Car enthusiasts are not a mass-market niche but rather a well-motivated potential section of buyers. Understanding this group and its tastes of improvements including wheels and suspension is key. They are a hot segment of car buyers hence those who have mastered their wants and needs in the car flipping business are in the money.

If you think you’ve got what it takes why not dive into the niche.

Remember to order some of your car improvements from our shop without leaving the site.  Should you not find what you’re looking for please contact us or try other similar shops like Buy Auto Parts.

Let me know in the comments if you are considering that niche or if you’ve dealt with those in the niche before.

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