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Automotive Glass Nano Repair Fluid


Automotive Glass Nano Repair Fluid Description

More often as motorists we are faced with a dilemma when it comes to auto body maintenance. The dilemma is what damages should you involve your auto insurance company and which ones should you do yourself.  The automotive glass nano repair fluid and other DIY auto body repair tools make the decision less complicated.

The cost implications associated with engaging your insurance company on small repair jobs make it less prudent if you can do it yourself. The glass nano repair solution when used much earlier can save you a lot of money in replacing a windshield and increased insurance premiums after a claim.

Important Features:

  • A high-quality product for your DIY auto projects!
  • Easy to use and operate, convenient to transport and store.
  • It will save you a lot of money and time to buy a new piece of glass.
  • Combines with a curing light to achieve better repair effects.
  • Practical car glass repair tool kit for all wise car owners.
  • It allows you to heal and repair various types of damage caused by traffic accidents, impacts, collisions, blows.

Special Notes:

  1.  Once the damage occurred, cover the area with clear tape to prevent moisture and dirt from entering the damaged area.
  2. The  damage must be repaired as soon as possible to avoid the dispersion of small cracks.
  3. The ideal application temperature is 60 to 90 ° (15 to 32 ). The glue will dry under UV light if you do not have UV  light, do the repair operation under the sun.
  4. The surface must be clean and dry for proper repair.
  5. Do not expose the glue if it is not necessary to use it.
  6. important! To reduce the risk of chemical contact with skin and eyes, you should wear safety glasses and gloves when using this product.



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