Auto Rust Inhibitor: Derusting Spray


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Auto Rust Inhibitor Description:

Over time iron made auto parts such as bolts; nuts and other surfaces will go through an oxidation period. This is especially so if they are repeatedly exposed to moisture. It is in this light therefore that the auto rust inhibitor becomes handy.

The de-rusting spray will work on your typical nuts and bolts that become rusty over time making them difficult to manipulate when one wants to open or release the tension on some parts of any vehicle. This is inexpensive and small enough to always have in your toolbox. It will come handy with other key auto accessories when you need them the most.

Quick Qualities and Functions

  • Simple to operate, safe, and environmentally friendly.
  • It features an ultra-powerful nozzle and humanized snap switch.
  • Suitable for removing rust on metal surfaces and removing corrosion on metal surfaces.

Remove the oil, dirt, and dust on the metal surface, to keep it clean and prevent rust


  • Function: rust, lubrication, moisturizing
  • Scope of application: door window lubrication, wheel hub lubrication and rust prevention, car rust parts, rust removal, etc.

Auto Rust Inhibitor Instructions:

1. Shake evenly before use;

2. Spray the lubricant on the surface;

3. The rust removal area needs to be sanded with sandpaper before spraying the lubricant;

4. The slotted hole uses a centralized nozzle, and the spray nozzle is used in a large area.

Capacity: 30ml


Weight 70 kg


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