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Ceramic Spray Coating Car Polish Spray Sealant Top Coat Quick Nano-Coating 30/50/100/120/250ML Quick Coat Ceramic Waterless Wash Shine


*Long-lasting Protective Coat:

High performance coating to protect your car safe from scratches, bird drops, stone chips, iron powder and UV light fading

*Flawless Look :

Leaves a stunning shiny gloss finish for impressive results without waxing your ride ever again

*9h Nano Coating Technology :

and non-stick coating technology to significantly reduce weathering,
dirt & debris build-up, keeping your car clean for longer

*Hydrophobic & Stainproof :

a superior depth of shine by combating corrosion and damages from high
temperature, outdoor exposure, dust, acid rain, etc.

*Easy to Use :

Simple two-step application; simply spray & to glossy surfaces that look like glass

*100%  & Grease-free :

Provides a protective coat and leaves a non-greasy, shiny finish with no odor that lasts for ~3 months

*Multi-surface :

Restores leather, vinyl, plastic and other surfaces to like new

*Versatile Use :

works on everything except your car, including wheels, chrome, paint,
metal, plastic, rubber, leather, engine, and even carpet


Capacity: 30/50/100/120/250ml

Storage conditions: cool and dry place


Cleans off dirt and stains on the surface of your car and dry it with a towel.

Directly spray the cleaner on the desired area.

Use a towel or sponge to wipe evenly until the surface is bright and smooth.

Enjoy the stunning shiny gloss finish!

Package Included:

1X Automotive coating spray



1. Not edible.

2. Please put it out of the reach of children.

3. Please rinse with plenty of water when it accidentally runs into the eyes, and turn to timely.

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United States, China


1pcs 50ML, 2pcs 50ML, 1pcs 120ml

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Care Shampoo


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