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The 70mai Dash Cam Pro is a high-definition car dash camera that provides drivers with peace of mind while on the road. It features the following key features and specifications:

  • Chipset: HiSilicon Hi3556V100
  • Image Sensor: SONY IMX335
  • Lens: 140-degree wide angle with F/1.8 aperture
  • Built-in WiFi module for easy transfer of footage
  • Recording Resolution: 2592 × 1944p 30 fps (4:3) and 2560 × 1440p 30 fps (16:9)
  • Adjustable bracket for easy installation, fixed with a tape
  • Shock sensor for automatic recording in case of an impact
  • Parking mode for continuous monitoring when the car is parked
  • Loop recording to overwrite the oldest recordings when memory is full
  • Video and photo file format: MP4, H.264
  • Recording length: 1 minute per section
  • Memory card slot: microSD card up to 64GB
  • Date and time setting
  • Microphone and speaker for audio recording
  • Date and time stamp on footage
  • Connectors and ports: USB 2.0 (power connector) and microSD
  • Power: 500mAh battery
  • Charging: 5V (micro USB)
  • Mobile software: TAK for iOS and Android
  • Operating temperature: -20°C to 60°C

With its advanced features and high-quality recording capabilities, the 70mai Dash Cam Pro is a reliable and essential tool for any driver.


1. Only English Version Support English Voice Control, Russian Version does not Support Voice Control. 2. There are two version for the 70mai Dash Cam Pro: No GPS version and with GPS version. Please kindly choose and buy the best one you want.


Super High Resolution of 1944P: 2.5 times of 1080P

By adjusting the exposure balance, 1944P dash cam captures greater details in darkness and brightness.

Stunning Shots Day and Night

Equipped with F1.8 aperture and 6 glass lens, it can greatly enhances night vision and obtain sharp, color-accurate images.

5-mega-pixel Sony Sensor Dual-core HiSillicon Processor

Sensitive SONY IMX335 sensor and powerful Hi3556 V100 make an extraordinary camera for your reoerding.

24-Hour Parking Monitor

In parking mode, 70mai dash cam pro enters into sleeping mode but keeps monitroing vehicles. The time-lapse allows efficiently use of storage, and automatically overwitten the oldest footages with the latest ones. Due to the G-sensor, cam start recording videos itself if there’s any collision occurs, and the footage of event will be stored seperately in Event Files, avoiding being erased.

70mai Dash Cam Pro G-sensor

Due to the G-sensor technology, 70mai dansh cam pro can automatically starts recording when collision is detacted. The footage from the collision recording is locked in an Event File seperate from regular file to avoid being overwritten

App Control

Vioce Control (Only available for english version. Russian version does not support voice control for accent problem)

You can effeciently control 70mai dash cam pro to take pictures, record videos and opening screens whithout manuel manipulation but by convenient voice command.


WDR technology can adjust exposure balance, enabling the camera to pick up greater detail in darkness and highlights, allowing the dash cam to process more light on the sensor and produce a more vibrant image.


Defog algorithm can effectively reduce distortion or degradation of images and reproduce a clear vision while driving in smoke and haze environment.

70mai Dash Cam Pro’s Hidden Design

Designed to fit all car interior and perfectly concealed behind rearviewmirror.

Loop Recording

Auto-overwriting the older footage with the latest ones to save space for your micro memory card


Two version for the 70mai Dash Cam Pro: No GPS version and with GPS version. (Optional)



Feature Specification
Chipset HiSilicon Hi3556V100
Image Sensor SONY IMX335
Lens 140 degrees wide angle / lens F/1.8
Built-in WiFi YES
Recording Resolution 2592 × 1944p 30 fps (4:3)<br>2560 × 1440p 30 fps (16:9)
Adjustable Bracket YES (fixed with tape)
Shock Sensor YES
Parking Mode YES
Loop Recording YES (overwriting oldest recordings)
Video and Photo Format MP4, H.264
Recording Length 1 minute per section
Memory Card Slot microSD up to 64GB
Date and Time Setting YES
Microphone and Speaker YES
Date and Time Stamp YES
Connectors and Ports USB 2.0 (power connector)<br>microSD
Power 500mAh battery
Charging 5V (micro USB)
Mobile Software TAK (for iOS and Android)
Operating Temperature -20°C to 60°C


1. What car models does 70MAI smart dash cam pro suit for?

As the 70MAi smart dash cam pro provide the electrostatic adhension installation, it is suitable for 95 % cars models in the market. But some models of Volvo can’t use the power normally due to the difference in the interface of the original car cigarette lighter.Please buy it with caution.


2. What is the video spec?

70MAI smart dash cam pro supports recording videos of 1080P, i.e. the dimension of the video is 1920*1080 pixels. Every second the dash cam pro records 30 frames, i.e. 30FPS.


3. What is the image sensor of the 70MAI?

The sensor used by 70MAI pro is Sony IMX335.


4. Do I need manually turn on and off the dash cam pro?

After the dash cam pro is connected to the cigarette lighter receptacle in the car, you do not need to manually turn on or turn off it. Every time when the car is started (ie, the cigarette lighter port is powered on), the dash cam pro automatically boots up. The dash cam will turn off automatically when the vehicle is turned off (ie, the cigarette lighter port is powered off). Some vehicle’s cigarette lighter keeps being powered on even when the vehicle has been turned off, in this situation, you need to manually turn off the dash cam pro. And the next time you start the vehicle, you need to manually turn on the dash cam pro.


5. How to observe the running status of the dash cam pro?

Check the status indicator on the side of the dash cam. If the indicator is green, the dash cam is recording normally; if the indicator turns red, it means that the recording is abnormal.


6. What memory card does 70MAI support?

70MAI supports standard Micro SD card (TF card) with the capacity of 16GB to 64GB and speed at Class10 or above. Make sure you use high-quality storage cards from a known brand. The actual writing speed and capacity of the low-quality storage cards may be lower than declared. Video aren’t normally saved to low-quality storage cards. We don’t take any responsibility for such cases.


7. Does 70MAI support firmware update?

Yes you can update the firmware of your 70MAI smart dash cam. Download the update package by the 70MAI App and push it to the dash cam by Wi-Fi connecting. Next time when the dash cam boots up, it start to update automatically. 8. Why does it show that cannot connect to the Internet even if I use the 70mai WIFI? The 70mai free wifi can only be used for 70mai APP and you can not use the wifi for other APPs.


9. Why does it only record many 1 min video, can it be 2mins, 3 mins, 4mins or longer?

The video is 1 min each time. The reason is that the DVR will remove the earliest video automaticlly when your card is full. If the video is too long, maybe all the longest video will be removed. When you want to check some video especially some important time, you can not find anything there. Now you can turn to APP setting and choose 1min, 2mins or 3mins video.


10. Don’t know how to use the 70mai cam?

Find the below link to learn more about how to use the cam: //help.70mai.asia/278.html


11. What about the battery?

The device has a 500mAh battery that allows you to maintain time, date, safe ending of the recorded file and work. It is recommended that there should be solid power supplied from the outside in the case of parking mode operation.


12. Does 70MAI PRO support firmware update?

Yes you can update the firmware of your 70MAI smart dash cam PRO. Download the update package by the 70MAI App, and push it to the dash cam by Wi-Fi connecting. Next time when the dash cam boots up, it start to update automatically.


About Product


1 Year Warranty

This warranty does not apply to damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, or modification of the product.70mai Official Store offer 7days replacement or full refund after client receipt if the products without personal error use and damage. If product has problem within 1 year after your confirming receiving it, you can return it to us , we can repair it. However, you should bear the shipping cost.


Return and Change

You can apply for ” no reason to return goods within 15 days”. The goods returned by the buyer shall not affect the secondary sales of the merchants.For the expenses incurred in returning and returning goods, the principle of responsibility shall be followed.


About Feedback

If you have any questions, please contact us in advance, we will try our best to help you solve it at first time. Also, if you are satisfied with the product after receiving and checking, please give us a 5 star feedback, which will help others to know the product more. Appreciate your kind feedback and support.


Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 9.0 × 6.0 × 6.0 cm
Color Name

70mai Pro English, 70mai Pro Russian, GPS n 70 mai pro EN, GPS n 70 mai pro RU

Video resolution

Full HD 1944p

Sd Card Memory

32GB TF Card, 64GB TF Card, without Card

Chipset Manufacturer

Hi3556 V100

View angle


GPS logger


Original Package


OSD Language


Russia Warehouse

Russian version without voice control

Special Features

Wifi Function



TF card

Cam need Class 10 or above TF card for storage video

Full Kit Accessories

70mai Pro+ Charger+ cable+ Crowbar


5V /2A

Battery Life


Support System

Android4.1/iOS8.0 or above

Display Size



No GPS version and with GPS version





Screen Ratio


Cable Length




Frames Per Second


Camera Resolution


Number Of Lenses


Video Format


Video Code


Max External Memory



87.5* 53 * 18mm

Imaging Sensor

Sony IMX335

Touch Screen


China Warehouse

English version N english voice control

Item Type


Model Number

Midrive D02

Battery Type

Lithium-ion Polymer Battery (Cam will need connecting Power to record)


Parking Mointor Built-in G-sensors

Brand Name


Memory Card Required Reding Speed

Class 10

Item Name

70mai Smart Dash Cam Pro

Rear Camera


Image Sensor



6-Glasses 140° Wide Angle

Assembly Mode

Portable Recorder


IEEE 802.11 b/g/n/ 2.4GHz