12v Heated Smart Travel Mug


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12v Heated Smart Travel Mug


This cool gadget will revolutionize your car experience and especially so if you are a hot beverage lover. If you love some of these travel accessories that make your life easy on the road then 12v Heated Smart Travel Mug is one cool gadget to add to your accessories collection and have that feel-good effect.

If you are a gifts person then this will be a well-received and appreciated gadget especially so by those who love their teas and coffee.

For parents with babies, this also will be of great help for making those meals on the go.


Name: 12v Heated Smart Travel Mug
Model: B38910
Material:304 Stainless Steel Internal Gallbladder
Colour: Champagne
Voltage: 12V/24V
Rated Power: HI mode: 96W / LO mode: 72W
Temperature: 100±5℃
Boiling Time: 15-20 min
Capacity: 350ml
Purpose: Vehicle Electric Hot Water Cup
Power cable length: approx. 1m
Size:approx. 22.5cm x 7cm



This gadget can be used for gifting purposes for a variety of settings including among others:

  1. Employee welfare;
  2. Awards;
  3. Anniversary celebrations;
  4. Exhibitions;
  5. Advertising promotions;
  6. Festivals; Relocation;
  7. Weddings;
  8. Public relations planning and
  9. Birthdays,


  • Intelligent temperature control. Free regulation from 100±5℃.
  • Display real-time temperature. It’s a safe journey.
  • Fashionable and beautiful appearance design
  • LCD, intuitive operation
  • Environmental protection and hygiene of stainless steel inner liner
  • Covered drinking water outlet, designed for easy use
  • Four Functional Choices: Boiling, Thermal Preservation, Tea Making, and Milk Brewing
  • Intelligent thawing function
  • Intelligent Prediction of Low Water Level and Prevention of Dry Burning

Package Included:

  1. Heating Cup
  2. Cigarette Lighter and power base
  3. Manual

Special Notes:

  • Please don’t exceed the highest water level to avoid overloading the 12v Heated Smart Travel Mug and burns.
  • Pay careful attention to a little steam release from the gaps between the top and low covers during the heating process, to prevent be scalded.
  • During the process of driving, please pay attention that the mug placed in the cup holder and the power connection does not affect your driving, to ensure safety.
  •  Remember to take the mug off the base when drinking or pouring water.
  • Please use a damp cloth to clean the mug and by all means, do not immerse in water as this may cause damage to the internal circuit.
  • You are advised to use the mug within the environmentally friendly temperature range of 5c- 40C.
  • Try and avoid using the 12v Heated Smart Travel Mug when the car is off to avoid draining the car battery.
  • Remove any solid materials on top of the cover when heating the water to prevent blocking the steam hole.
  • When the electric cup has boiled there is a need to cover the top tightly and turn the key to “OFF”, to prevent hot water spill burns.


Weight 0.56 kg
Dimensions 27.0 × 10.0 × 9.0 cm



100+-5 Degree

Power (W)



22.5cm x 7cm

Voltage (V)



304 Stainless Steel Gallbladder

Automatic Shut-off


Heating Speed

>10 minutes



Power canle length

approx. 1m



Brand Name


Boiling Time

Boiling Time


Anti-dry Protection






Electric Bottle

Heating Method

Underpan Heating

Rated Power

HI mode 96W/LO mode 72W