About Us

We are your one stop center for al wide range automotive parts. We cover a vastly wide range of replacement automotive parts: general engine parts; auto body parts; service kits; suspension and steering parts.

We Work Hard To Provide You With The Best Quality Parts; Tools And Accessories

Our Company Your Online Auto Parts Shop

Our company has a global footprint in that we are able to service every continent of the world. We are an online auto parts shop for all those who from time to time have a need to replace one part or another in any form or type of vehicle.

We are inspired by the basic philosophy of:

value addition, 

customer care and satisfaction; 

efficiency and partnership.  

We have partnered with a number of stackholders across the industry and will continue to pursue such partnerships. We believe the forging of such partnerships will bring the best quality automotive parts and accessories to you. 

Our team is made up of individuals driven by a strong desire to succeed in whatever we lay our hands on. For that reason we will not tire in making sure the best quality products are delivered to our customers at the most efficient and effective way. We do put a great deal of premium in the COST dynamic of our products, hence our prices are always going to be highly competitive. Cost for us will always be a critical factor in the framework and philosophy of sourcing our products. 

You can rest assured our company has your interest at heart regarding your automotive parts. Our success is intertwined with your satisfaction. 

Our Team

Auto Parts Shelf is driven by two passionate entrepreneurs with a vast experience in automotive industry. We have done fleet management,  supply chain and management consulting in a wide spectrum of industries. These industries include amongst others logistics and mining. They lead a team of other key individuals who work tirelessly to ensure that as a customer you have the best online auto parts shop experience. 

The co-founders of APS are car entusiasts who subscribe to holding on and fixing your vehicle instead of just disposing at the next available opportunity. We understand the dynamics of driving across town to pick one part and drive to the other part of town also to pick just one part.

APS (Auto Parts Shelf) seeks to solve that dilemma that many end users and entrepreneur that similar face on a daily basis. As we see to take care of our vehicles that we love so greatly there’s no reason to suffer. With a few clicks here at our shop you should be all set to receive your automotive parts in a couple days to weaks depending on your location. 

As mentioned earlier we are passionate about customer service and satisfaction in all our entrepreneurial endeavours. 

Well researched and selected parts, tools and accessories for your picking.